Thank you for your purchase! Your Bungaloom mattress has been made with the finest quality, care, craftsmanship and newest technology, thus providing you with years of restful, chemical-free, comfort and support. We hope you love it!

Bungaloom Limited Warranty

Bungaloom’s Limited Warranty covers the original purchaser (current owner) of the mattress only. The Bungaloom mattress must be purchased from our website (Bungaloom.com) or by visiting an authorized Bungaloom showroom. The mattress must be in the United States at the time of filing a claim as we may need to inspect it as part of the claim process.

If you want to return or exchange the Bungaloom mattress within 100 days from the date you received your mattress please refer to 100 Night Trial policy (in the last page).


During the first 10 years of the Limited Warranty, Bungaloom will not charge the customer to repair or replace the mattress if it qualifies under the Limited Warranty (see below).


During years 11-20 of this 20-Year Limited Warranty Bungaloom will (at its option) repair or replace the mattress at a prorated charge to the purchaser plus transportation and/or shipping charges. The prorated charges will be based on the year of the warranty claim. If the claim is during the 11th year, the prorated replacement charge will be 50% of the original purchase price. If it’s after the 11th year, but before the 21st year, the prorated charge will increase by 5% for each subsequent year of the prorated period.

The existing Limited Warranty will continue to cover the replacement mattress for the remaining of the 20 Year Limited Warranty period. Any repair or replacement will not extend the original period of Limited Warranty, nor will it constitute the beginning of a new Limited Warranty period. Purchasers are responsible for any transportation and/or shipping charges related to mattress replacement.

The replacement mattress will be of the same model and size as the original mattress. A substitution model may be used as a replacement in case of a discontinued mattress model.

This Limited Warranty covers the following:

  • Bungaloom warrants against defects in workmanship and material of the mattress. This includes any manufacturing defect such as tears in fabric or cosmetic damages to the mattress. This does not include normal wear and tear.
  • Sagging/ indentation in the mattress equal to or greater than 1.25 inches that is not resulting from a faulty, improper or unsupportive foundation, box spring or platform.
  • Please note that any mattress will show visible body impressions within the first 6 months of use. These can be up to 1.25 inches and are not a defect. In fact, these body impressions are desirable and demonstrate that the mattress is doing a good job conforming to the body which reduces pressure on your muscles and joints. To ensure that the mattress wears evenly over the entire sleep surface, we recommend that you rotate your mattress, turning it head to toe (180 degrees) once a month for the first six months, then every other month thereafter.
  • We recommend using the Bungaloom foundation which is designed specifically to support our mattress. However, any sturdy foundation or non-flexible bed slats that are not more than 3" apart will work fine with our mattress. In the event of a warranty claim, Bungaloom will require proof of the foundation or slats used to support the mattress.

This Limited Warranty does not cover:

  • Customers get a 100-night trial period to replace or return their mattress if they don’t find it comfortable. Any comfort issues beyond the trial period won’t be covered under warranty.
  • Misuse or damage to the structure and/or materials. It includes, but is not limited to improper foundation or slats, liquid damage, cuts, tears, burns, mold, odors, and/or discoloration.
  • Mattresses sold by unauthorized retailers or any resellers.
  • Replacement of any non-defective pieces. For example, if you have a defective latex topper but the mattress innerspring base is in perfect condition, we will replace only the topper.
  • Mattresses sold as “floor samples”, “as-is”, or “used”.
  • Any damage caused to the mattress if it wasn’t taken out of the compressed, roll-packed box within 2 weeks of receiving the Mattress. A Mattress that is compressed for a prolonged period will have structural damage and/or condensation from being packaged for an extended period of time resulting, but not limited to mold, odors, and/or discoloration that is not covered under this Limited Warranty.
  • Medical or health claims such as allergies, discomfort, or other conditions. Any questions or concerns regarding medical or health conditions should be addressed by a licensed physician.

Bungaloom is not responsible for coordinating or arranging any transportation and/or shipping costs associated with replacements after completing the trial period.

To make a valid claim under this warranty, you must:

  • Contact us at customerservice@bungaloom.com. We will mail or email a form for you to include a brief description of the defect and how it is affecting you.
  • Provide original proof of purchase, photographic evidence of the law tag evidencing that the law tag remains on the bed and has not been altered.
  • Provide photos of the defect.

Please send all requested documentation to customerservice@bungaloom.com. You are responsible for submitting your claim with the sufficient supporting documentation. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to require photographs, further information, descriptions, or to send a representative to physically inspect the Mattress prior to accepting your claim under this Limited Warranty. Your Limited Warranty may be voided if you fail to cooperate with our investigation, provide adequate responses to our requests, or comply with any provision of this Limited Warranty.

100 Night Trial

Thank you for shopping the Bungaloom!

We want all our customers to love their Bungaloom mattress. But if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.

These are your options –

  • You have 100 days from the date of delivery to do a topper exchange of your Bungaloom mattress. You can either choose a firmer or softer option. Topper exchange can only be done once per mattress.
  • You have 100 days from the date of delivery to return or exchange your Bungaloom mattress. We would like you to sleep on your mattress for at least 15 nights to allow your body to properly adjust.
  • To be eligible for a return or exchange, your original Bungaloom mattress must be clean and undamaged.

We offer a full refund with no restocking fee. We don’t charge for transportation of mattress returns or exchanges. Please contact us at customerservice@bungaloom.com to process a return or exchange.