Made in Houston

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"We are from the city of Houston:

The petrochemical capital. But, we are not a petrochemical company. We are plant based and we create livable bedrooms made from green chemistry. Think of us as a healthcare company where we prescribe you to fall in clean love and bring nature to bed. Comfortable and sexy. The bedroom is where you and your partner aspire to make love in a bed of nature. We make mattresses with a certified clean core in mind and not for a fancy covering design. We want you having fun with us so come play with us, come sleep with us, come breathe with us.


Who you're in bed with is your business. Who we're not in bed with is also your business. We don't sleep around - day or night with chemical companies, carcinogens, nor dust mites, VOC's, benzene, flame retardants, or cholene. The great mattress invention is a 20th century scam. We got your back and supporting you is our intention. We have the audacity to believe that a clean mattress is for everyone. With defiance we conclude that natural latex is for everyone. Making a mattress that our friends dan afford is a declaration, because catch Z's and count sheep on a mattress that's non-toxic is too high of cost. 

We're not inviting the privileged few. Because breathing in a healthy bedroom means as much to us as it does for you. We build and stand firm as a honest bedroom makers. Handmade in our backyard natural rubber tree mattresses and each one has a story behind it.


Let us in and share us yours. Don't let pricing be the barrier between you and 1/3 of life. We won't put a price on your health,


because having a safe sleep is not a privilege... it's a right."